Wednesday, May 24, 2006

My gal Jessica writes more about our Coachella adventure

Monday, May 22, 2006

Nylon + = sell out?

Published: May 22, 2006, which began as an online community for user-generated content like music and videos and quickly developed into a launching pad for new bands (among other things), has struck a deal for exclusive access to the next issue of the magazine Nylon.

Nylon, which covers music and fashion, will release a free digital version of its June-July music issue with MySpace on Wednesday. The digital issue, which will be available for downloading at the magazine's Web site (, will be identical to the print version, which will not reach newsstands until May 31.

Both versions include links to the MySpace pages of bands, artists and designers mentioned in the magazine, allowing readers to listen to featured music.

For MySpace, which the News Corporation bought last year for $580 million, the collaboration is another step in its continuing engagement with commercial outlets. The site is best known as a social networking hub, but it has other aims as well.

The idea for the collaboration with Nylon originated with Marvin Scott Jarrett, the magazine's editor in chief, who founded it with Helena Christensen, the model. In the print issue, the partnership will be reflected in text and graphics that direct the reader to pages on MySpace.

"The idea was to have everything in the issue tagged back to a MySpace account," Mr. Jarrett said. "It opens up a whole new world for magazine publishers."

This will be the first digital issue for Nylon, which intends to offer digital issues for 99 cents, as well as yearly digital subscriptions for $4.95.

MySpace has explored several corporate tie-ins recently, such as a partnership with My Network TV, a new prime-time network that will start this fall; it is also owned by the News Corporation.

"We put different opportunities and tools out there for people to express themselves, but we develop these channels based on what our users are doing," said Shawn Gold, a senior vice president at MySpace. "We are very much about empowerment of the individual." MARIA ASPAN

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

My friend Jessica wrote about our Coachella adventure on the MuchMusic blog

It was a fun fun time - read on!

Friday, May 12, 2006

My pals Danko Jones from Canada have a cool new song and video!

Friday, May 05, 2006

On the cover of the Rolling Stone!

I went to the Rolling Stone 1,000th issue party last night with my pal LZ. It was a blast! We snuck into the 'even more' VIP area once the Strokes started performing. Eddie Vedder got on stage with them for a song and Lou Reed came out to do 'Walk On The Wild Side'. That was cool.

I met the guys from Wolfmother. They are rad. Also spoke to Nick from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I told him that I was at his show the night before.

And my other celebrity sightings included Ice-T, Nas (without his wife Kelis), Eddie Vedder (forgot how short he is), Seth Meyers (SNL), Sam from The Bravery (does he count?), Sebastian Bach and David Cross. I didn't see John Taylor...damn...but he was there!
Click here for the red carpet photos.

And I also hung for a bit with Elliot and Jason. They both posted about it.

rock on!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

My first NBA game in the US of A!

I had the pleasure of attending the Pacer/Nets playoff game on Tuesday night at the Continental Arena in Jersey with my pal Phat Phillie. His roommate "Z" plays on the team. Woo! And the Nets won 92-86! Double woo! And Jay-Z was there with Beyonce in the front row. Triple woo! Check out the shots of them.

So then "Z" Zoran Planinic took a bunch of us to his apartment and then to swank club Cain for some celebratory drinks. It was super fun! Although I though we should go to the 40/40 club. That's the spot that Jay-Z owns. I'll meet President Carter someday!