Friday, May 05, 2006

On the cover of the Rolling Stone!

I went to the Rolling Stone 1,000th issue party last night with my pal LZ. It was a blast! We snuck into the 'even more' VIP area once the Strokes started performing. Eddie Vedder got on stage with them for a song and Lou Reed came out to do 'Walk On The Wild Side'. That was cool.

I met the guys from Wolfmother. They are rad. Also spoke to Nick from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I told him that I was at his show the night before.

And my other celebrity sightings included Ice-T, Nas (without his wife Kelis), Eddie Vedder (forgot how short he is), Seth Meyers (SNL), Sam from The Bravery (does he count?), Sebastian Bach and David Cross. I didn't see John Taylor...damn...but he was there!
Click here for the red carpet photos.

And I also hung for a bit with Elliot and Jason. They both posted about it.

rock on!


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