Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Last night was a fun one!

I went to the Museum of Natural History for Sonic Vision - a graphics and laser show with the latest tunes (QOTSA, Radiohead, Coldplay, Spiritualized, The Flaming Lips and more). The music mixed by Moby and presented by MTV2. It was a cool show but I felt like I should have been high to enjoy it more. Too bad I don't smoke pot!
You can still check it out on Fri and Sat nights

I went with Courtney and her co-worker Lisa. Fun ladies! Courtney introduced me to the MTV2 VJ Jim who I have a crush on (or well at least I did until he called me "Tonia" even though I corrected him twice to say it's "Catonia"). Get it right dude!

Then I ran into Dynamite from Ben Sherman who introduced me to her friend "Booger" who was Chris Booker of ET fame and formerly of Blink 107 morning show. He goes out with Linda Lopez who is J Lo's sis. I didn't ask about Ben and Jen, don't worry!

I also ran into my lovely pal Shirley who introduced me to Moby. I didn't get to talk to him long enough to tell him that I'll be his new neighbor in the LES (lower east side). Oh well - he'll be seeing lots of me!

Here's new story on the party - quoting Moby

Then when Shirley and I were leaving to go to the Simple Plan platinum record party - we spotted Julian from The Strokes trying to get it with no luck. So we gave him our wristbands to try to get it to see the show. He was much nicer than I expected him to be. I had met him before but didn't get a good vibe. This time was different. He was modest, nice and cute! I told him to tell Fab and Albert that "Catonia Lasagna" says hi!

Speaking of Strokes - I can't wait to hear the new album.

You can hear the single here
rock on,

np. The Darkness - Permission To Land (Atlantic 2003)

Monday, September 29, 2003

Mondays are never any fun (sigh)...

I spent all day yesterday watching sappy romantic comedies on TV and loved it (this was while I was cat sitting my friend's cats: Harvey and Mee Mee - they are the cutest little cats!).

First was When Harry Met Sally - I love all the NY landmarks in that one - Washington Square Park, Katz's deli on Houston and Ludlow (the infamous scene of the Meg Ryan fake orgasm) and Central Park. I also love how they update Meg's hair for the different time periods.

Then I watched It Could Happen To You with Nicolas Cage, Bridget Fonda and Rosie Perez. More NY things in that movie: The New York Post and the Plaza Hotel. Did Cage and Fonda date during this movie? Their on-screen chemistry seemed like it...

Next was The Wedding Singer with Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler. Loved the tunes in that one - all 80's all the time!

Then I watched Sleepless In Seattle and You've Got Mail. A Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks double header! And more NY landmarks: mainly the Empire State Building (SIS) and the upper West Side (YGM)

Phew! I'm such a sucker for sappy romantic comedies.

Speaking of Nicolas Cage, I saw Matchstick Men in the theatre on Sat night. It was a very good movie. He is such a clever actor!


n.p. The Stills - Logic Will Break Your Heart advance CD

Saturday, September 27, 2003

It's Saturday and I'm in the office for a bit.

Last night I saw a band from Canada called Full White Drag. They were very good. Very Girls Against Boys inspired with jagged guitars and gut-rumbling basslines.
You can check out their website for more info

Oh and I'm on the wagon for a while - wish me luck!

Friday, September 26, 2003

This is an old link but a good one. .

One infamous fight between Liam and Noel from Oasis

They make me laugh!

Thursday, September 25, 2003

This is funny - Who is your (ideal) Indie Rock girlfriend/Boyfriend? Find out here:

I stayed in last night. It was good. I had been out for the last 8 nights straight to DJ gigs, concerts, birthdays, bachelorette parties, etc.

Check out the ANIT-HIT LIST from eye magazine in Toronto this week. TWILIGHT SINGERS mention!


now playing: Super Furry Animals - Liberty Belle

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

I LOVE ANDREW WK - he is calling 1,000 of his fans who bought his new album.

You can ever hear some the phone calls...long live RAWK.
I caught The Warlocks and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club last night. It was a good show. Although the BRMC songs all start to blend together after awhile - their over 2 hour set was quite enough thank you! I did get groovy buttons from both bands.

This is a cool link to check out from pitchforkmedia:

Oh and I got a new apartment today in the LOWER EAST SIDE. Moving in Nov 1st.
I now need to find a subletter for my current apartment on Lafayette Street and East 4th. Know any takers?

rock on,
n.p. stellastarr*

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Last night I DJ'ed at Halcyon in Brooklyn. It was fun! A little light in attendence but very enjoyable none the less! Thanks to my DJ partners - Jason from THE WARLOCKS (opening for Black Rebel Motorcycle Club tonight) and Dirty Dirty Dietz aka Ben. Ben is spinning this Friday at APT party people!

My former pal Tom Green lost his talk show on MTV.
Poor guy.

later skaters,

n.p. The Warlocks - Phoenix EP

Friday, September 19, 2003

The Darkness rule!

The show last night was killer. The band is super tight and Justin, the lead singer, is a star! I was rocking out big time in the front with my friend Mandana. Standing only a few feet from us - rocking out as well - in the front was Julia Stiles. Too funny!

Mandana and I got to chat with Justin briefly after the show thanks to my pals Jen and Marisa who were sporting killer homemade Darkness tees. Wicked ladies! Justin and I did the rock lock and I told him how I know Ian J who signed him. Nice one Ian. This band is awesome!

Check out the PICS. Scroll down to the 5th photo and you'll see Jen and Marisa with the band

Oh and I stayed out until 4am (way too late for a school night) and made 2 new pals - Daniel (aka Steve) and Brad. 2 fine lads from Alabama!

rock on,

n.p. Jet - Get Born (Elektra)

Thursday, September 18, 2003

Welcome to my blog! So exciting! I am off to see THE DARKNESS. Their NY debut. Bad metal gone good. Queen meets AC/DC. GUITAR! Check out their website.

rock on, Catonia