Thursday, November 20, 2003

Got this little tidbit from a UK gossip website:

Andy Taylor and John Taylor must be getting
worried. All the other Power Station members: Tony Thompson, Robert Palmer and Bernard Edwards
are now dead. God obviously preferred Arcadia.

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Last night I was lucky enough to see THE DARKNESS again! And they rocked BIG time. Irving Plaza didn't know what hit them.

They were so good - every song a winner and Justin had the crowd eating out of his hand!

Photos here

Check out tunes and videos from The Darkness here

Monday night was Twilight Singers show. It was a really great show but had it's trainwreck moments because front man extraordinaire Greg Dulli got totally wasted! The first part of the show and the last part of the show were awesome but it was too messy in the middle. They played for over 3 hours but that included many long drawn out stories from Greg and waiting at least 10 minutes before each of the 2 encores.

Here was the set list:

Decatur St.
That Just How That Bird Sings
Teeenage Wristband
Twilite Kid
If I Were Going
Cloudbusting (Kate Bush cover)
A Love Supreme
Please Don't Stay
Annie Mae
Martin Eden
King Only
Black is the Color/Time of the Season (cover)

Encore #1
The Killer
Steve Nicks medley
Layla (partial cover)

Encore #2
Uptown Again
Hey Ya (OutKast cover)
Faded/Purple Rain (Prince cover)

One of the best things Dulli did at the show was "If I Were Going" from Gentlemen with the crowd singing many of the words...and at the very end he says "Fuck Dashboard Confessional" - it was awesome!!

He also dissed a few people like Sheryl Crow, Liz Phair, The Strokes, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Coldplay and The Yankees with his in-between song banter. But also gave props to Steve McQueen, The Darkness and Lauryn Hill. He also told a very poignant long story about becoming friends with Elliott Smith at his bar that he owns in LA called The Shortstop and he dedicated a song to Smith. Very touching.

You can get more details here if you want some other fan's takes on the show.

I'm going to see them next week in LA at the El Ray Theatre so I hope he keeps it together for that one!

And I really wished my friend Judy was there with me when they belted out "Faded" because that is one of our all time fave Afghan Whigs' songs!!

rock on,

now playing: Afghan Whigs - Gentlemen (Elektra 1993)

Monday, November 17, 2003


Last night I checked out Whirwind Heat - an explosive trio from Detriot. They were good! Check out their website:

Whirlwind Heat

I thought Jack White would be there since he signed them to his label but alas he wasn't! I did however spot Meg White and Carlos from Interpol.

My pal Pauline with me at the show (she spent the weekend visiting from Toronto). She had seen the White Stripes do a live performance 2 days ago at Much Music so Pauline walked right up to Meg to tell her it was really good. She reported that Ms. White was very friendly and approachable. Good to know!

Tonight is the Twilight Singers - can't wait!!!!!!!!!!

rock on,

now playing: The Stills - Logic Will Break Your Heart (Vice, 2003)

Thursday, November 13, 2003


This past Monday - I was a seat filler at the Glamour Magazine WOMEN OF THE YEAR 2003 Awards. I was in the second row in the front. It was held at the Museum of Natural History. Quite awesome! I was across the row from Ellen DeGeneres and in the row in front of Jessica Lange. They both were honored as well as a bunch more inspiring women! Patti Labelle belted out two songs. You can check out photos here:

Glamour Wire Image Photos

They had a swanky after-party in the 'whale' room where there was the most gigantic stuffed whale hanging from the ceiling. Open bar and lots of yummy free food - good times!!


now playing - Broken Social Scene on - Seattle radio station

Friday, November 07, 2003

Last night I got to see Le Tigre in concert. It was super fun and inspiring! They are definitely a bold feminist-oriented trio. Kathleen Hanna is such a cutie. And of course they played my fave track " Deceptacon" last and the Irving Plaza floor was rockin'!!

I spotted Mike D and his wife Tamra Davis (did I spell that right?) in the crowd as well Ric Ocasek who is rumored to want to sign them to Elektra Records (he is now an A&R honcho there). I heard that Joan Jett and Ad-Rock were in the house as well but I didn't see them. It would make sense that Ad-Rock was there because he dates Kathleen from Le Tigre.

And the one and only Janeane Garofalo intro'ed the band. Her hair is platinum blonde!! She was rockin' out later in the VIP section with her super tall boyfriend. Then when I went to buy a Le Tigre pin after the show - she was standing right by me and her boyfriend actually made her move out of my way to exit. It was kinda funny.
Foxy Brown was in our office last night for a meeting. I guess she's looking for a record deal. She walked past my office to go to the ladies' room. (Yes, my office is convienently located next to the washrooms!) It was kind of cool to get a look at the Ms. Il Na Na in our not-so-fancy offices. I'll let you know if she signs with us!

rock on,
n.p. Jet - Get Born album

Thursday, November 06, 2003

I'm going to see Greg Dulli's new band THE TWILIGHT SINGERS twice this month - first in NYC at the Bowery Ballroom on Nov 17th and then on Nov 26th in LA at the El Ray Theatre.

Check out this out this review from The Velvet Rope of someone who saw the show:

"Saw the opening night of the Twilight Singers tour in
Denver last night -- amazing show, one of the year's
best, no doubt. Dulli's still got it, and his new band
is so much better than the first version of the
Twilight Singers that toured in 2000. Played plenty
off both Twilight records, plus covers by John
Coltrane, Kate Bush, Marvin Gaye, Van Halen, Eric
Clapton, Fleetwood Mac, the Zombies and, of course,
the Whigs ("66" and "Faded"). Not to be missed. "


Thanks to my best pal Judy for sending me the review!

More on their website:
The Twilight Singers

rock on,

np. Lost In Translation soundtrack (Emperor Norton 2003)