Tuesday, May 25, 2004

There is a new show on WNYC called "Now Here This" hosted by John Flanagan. He has an awesome segment in the show called "Guilty Pleasure/Hidden Treasure". It's where a celebrity explains their passion for an overexposed song as well as an unknown recording.

In the first showJaneane Garofalo
revealed that her guilty pleasure song is "Millennium" by Robbie Williams

She admitted that she has a huge crush on him and loves his campy witty live performances. I knew there was a reason that I like her. We have a crush on the same UK pop star!!

Thursday, May 20, 2004


I'm not sure if this is true or not...but I did see Julian and Juliet being lovey-dovey one night a few months ago at the Living Room in the lower east side. By the way - the NME has her name wrong - it's Juliet Joslin, not Juliette Lewis!

Read the story here...

Monday, May 17, 2004

The last two times that I've been in London, I've headed to Alan McGee's club night at Notting Hill Arts Club a couple of times. I even met Liam Gallagher there one night. Speaking of that club night, here is some UK gossip for you.

LIBERTINES star PETE DOHERTY has followed in LIAM GALLAGHER’s footsteps – by fathering a secret child with the same woman.

Wildman Pete got together with singer LISA MOORISH after they met through mutual friend SADIE FROST about three years ago.

The affair ended when she fell pregnant but Lisa gave birth to a son who is now 20 months old. The couple called him Estile — a made-up name using letters from Pete and Lisa’s names.

Lisa also had a fling with OASIS frontman Liam just a week after he married PATSY KENSIT — and they had a daughter, Molly, who is now six.

That means that Pete’s son and Liam’s daughter are half brother and sister — talk about rock ’n’ roll history repeating itself.

No one outside Pete and Lisa’s immediate circle was aware they had a son before now.

A pal says: “Pete would never admit he was having a relationship with Lisa. But they got on really well and ended up sleeping together a few times. Pete was delighted when he heard Lisa was pregnant because she’s a great mum. But there was never any question of him and Lisa becoming an item.

“He is very fond of Estile and stays in touch with mother and son. But he only really sees the pair of them a couple of times a year.

“Lisa brings Estile over and they go out as a family for the day.

“Pete freely admits he hasn’t been the greatest dad in the world, thanks to his rock star lifestyle.

“But he has vowed to spend more time as a father in the future. He carries a picture of Estile in his wallet and shows it off when people ask.”

Lisa is currently frontwoman for KILLCITY. Her two children certainly have a lot of musical talent between them — and the potential to become ultimate hellraisers.

The pair also prove what a small world it is in the London music scene. Liam and Pete both met Lisa through what’s known as the Sadie Frost set, who regularly party at the Notting Hill Arts Club in west London.

As well as Sadie, members include DANNY GOFFEY from SUPERGRASS, his wife Pearl, Lisa and KATE MOSS.

Another lynch-pin is ALAN McGEE who used to manage Oasis and now manages The Libertines — and holds a regular night at the Notting Hill club.

Pete is rapidly emerging as Britain’s most notorious rock star since SID VICIOUS.

Despite his huge talent, he is a notorious druggie who is in danger of ruining his life through heroin abuse.

He was famously jailed for robbing bandmate CARL BARAT’s flat to help fund his drug habit.

However, the pair were reunited last year and The Libertines are currently recording what promises to be one of the best records of 2004.

They are in the studio working on their self-titled second album — the follow-up to Up The Bracket.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Wednesday, May 05, 2004


I just got back from the Coachella music festival. Wow - what fun but man was it H-O-T! The temperature on both Sat and Sun in the desert near Palm Springs was 105 to 110 degrees!

While hanging in the crowd and in the VIP tent - I saw lots of old music biz friends, new music biz friends and even spotted a few celebrities:

Jared Leto
Mischa Barton from the popular tv show The O.C.
Neve Campbell
Alicia Silverstone
Perry Ferrell from Jane's Addiction and his hot Asian girlfriend
Johnny Knoxville (he remembered meeting me in Austin and actually hugged me!)
Fred Schneider from the B-52's
Andy Dick

Spoke to Wayne, Stephen and Michael from one of my fave bands THE FLAMING LIPS!
(I've met them before in Toronto, LA, NYC, Detroit, Austin and Tokyo).

Also hung with some Canadian musicians - the lads from Sum 41, Broken Social Scene, Our Lady Peace and The Stills.

Also spent some time with Jason Falkner (ex of Jellyfish and The Grays), Chris Holmes (ex of Yum Yum) and Ben Kweller.

And my highlight had to be having a glass of champagne with Roger from The Cure and his lovely talented girlfriend Erin Lang after The Cure's headlining set on Sunday night.

The festival even made the gossip pages:
Another Page Six item

And these are the bands I saw:

International Noise Conspiracy
Junior Senior
The Pixies
Phantom Planet
The Thrills
The Flaming Lips
The Cure

rock on,