Thursday, September 28, 2006

I wish I was there for the encore of the Joseph Arthur show last night...


OK, so the encore was mind blowing. Arthur came on to the stage in different clothes, now sporting a white suite with no shirt underneath. The band performed a new song of his, inspired by medication he had to take upon returning from Africa, which ended up having hallucinogenic properties. Then came the special guest. Could it be? Is that? Holy shit! Yes, that is Michael Stipe walking onto the stage! The two performed a duet of the song "In The Sun," alternating verses while Stipe allowed Arthur to take care of the chorus. While their voices together on stage sounded amazing, the most impressive part of this was watching the admiration that Stipe had for Arthur. He stood back and smiled while watching Arthur sing, even crouching down on the floor at one point to admire the beauty of the music. It was definitely one of those musical moments that I will never forget. The set then concluded with two old-school favorites, "Tattoo" and "Honey And The Moon."


Anonymous jules said...

God, I LOVE that song... Wish I had been there too, Catonia! xo

5:50 PM  

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