Monday, September 11, 2006

The President of Capitol Records Andy Slater doesn't mince his words

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Billboard wrote about poignant alt pop band The Decemberists and the band's upcoming album on Capitol Records. Part of the article is about Capitol's recent moves into indie and left field music. Other than The Decemberists, who were previously on Kill Rock Stars, the label has signed Interpol (formerly of Matador) and is attempting to develop UK buzz girl Lily Allen and the Austin band Sound Team.

"I'm interseted in the avant-garde," said label president Andy Slater. Maybe the avante garde is a good strategy. Something might strike gold eventually. The label's rock roster also contains Fischerspooner, the Magic Numbers and LCD Soundsystem, all bands short of stardom but well respected in certain corners of the music world. They've done no worse than the more mainstream acts on the label. Morningwood, a slick and commercial band from New York, has gone nowhere, and the last two albums by The Vines have been big disappointments. Marjorie Fair hasn't panned out yet. The Dandy Warhols faded into near-obscurity. The Shout Out Louds, The Music and Idlewild didn't bring their home country popularity to these shores. The Redwalls haven't even approached cult status. Outside of Coldplay and Yellowcard, Capitol hasn't had a mainstream rock hit this decade. (And let's not forget about OK Go, who is poised for a breakthrough.) Capitol's duality is striking. It is hedging its avante garde ambitions with success with R&B newcomes Corrine Bailey Rae and Letoya.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is Andy Slater one of the few major label president's with a background primarily in artist management, as opposed to having a long record company career?

4:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Andy's moved by passions and he's got a great talent.....he ROCKS!!!!

5:23 PM  

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