Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I love this little juicy tidbit...ha!

from Holy Moly UK:

Bits & Peaches

At the O2 Wireless Festival a few weeks ago, a mole spotted Peaches Geldof trying to blag extra passes for her screeching coven of friends. She was told politely that she'd already had four and wouldn't be issued with any more.

"I'm gonna get my dad!" she whined, and off she trotted to get the do-gooding Stig Of The Dump of arena rock. Bob asked what the problem was and was told that Peaches had been given four passes and would not be allowed any more if she was going to be giving them away willy-nilly.

Bob calmly listened and then said to Peaches: "Well, if the man says you can't have any more passes, that's all there is to it."

Exit Sir Bob, dragging the sulking Violet "Peaches" Elizabeth of rock aristocracy in his wake.


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