Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I've DJed at this spot...check this out

From the New York Post gossip section PAGE SIX:

"Some lithe young blonde is pretending to be British actress Sienna Miller. The faux-Miller and her name-dropping "publicist" turned up at Manitoba's, a rock 'n' roll dive bar on Avenue B, and announced their presence to the owner, "Handsome" Dick Manitoba. But if the dubious duo were looking for VIP treatment, they went to the wrong place. Manitoba wasn't familiar with Miller, who's best known as Jude Law's cuckolded girlfriend. "I said, 'You're Sienna Miller, good for you,' " Manitoba relates. "Then someone who knew who she was came in and told me, 'That wasn't even Sienna Miller.'"

For sure they went to the wrong place as Manitoba's is a definite New York dive bar. In the best way of course!


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