Thursday, June 24, 2004

Last night I went out to a few hot spots in the Big Apple. First was the ElleGirl Magazine 'hot issue' party. Hello Kitty was a special guest! It was held at this groovy 2 story warehouse loft with a balcony in the west end called Studio 450. The view of New York City was to die for!

There are some pics here.

I saw this cool band called The Hong Kong perform. They are very good. They have some catchy tunes and can play them well and are something to look at. The lead singer is a beauty with a great voice but she needs to rock out a bit more. She looks a little uncomfortable and bored on stage. Hopefully more stage presence will come! Because if she isn't having a good time then why should I? Right??

I ran into some good pals there: Ben, Beth, Carmelita, April, Dana Dynamite and her talented boyfriend Sidh.

Then I headed to Rothko for a showcase by an LA band called Mellowdrone. They were excellent. A bit electronic and a bit rock. Definitely something to look out for. Saw my A&R pal Leigh there. I think he is at every rock show I am at!

And while at Rothko, I saw my excellent married pals Ken and Jules. They gave me the great news that Jules got her green card!! Yay!!

Then it was off to The Delancy with Christine and Reno. The Delancy is a new bar in my 'hood with a fabulous rooftop bar and two levels of action below the roof. I saw some more peeps I know: Maridi, Greg, Jack to name a few.

Life is good in NYC!

rock on,


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