Friday, June 18, 2004

Got this tasty tidbit from my pal Judy...she knows how much I love Brit comedian/actor EDDIE IZZARD! And I also loved Ocean's this will be a match made in heaven.

Eddie Izzard will be the next actor to join the star-studded Ocean's Twelve team out in Italy and he says he can't wait to get a taste of their Champagne-lifestyle. "I go out to the set next Sunday and I'm hoping we'll all drive around in fast cars and speedboats, drinking Champagne," he laughed. "I met Brad Pitt already when he came to a gig with Jennifer Aniston at the Henry Fonda Theatre in LA. I didn't really get to talk to him a huge amount, but he knows that I talk a lot of crap and wear a lot of make-up." Eddie – who will play a bomb disposal expert in the movie – reckons he'll fit in with the beautiful crowd just fine. "I fit in exactly to the Hollywood heartthrob role. I already am a charismatic heartthrob, maybe not an action type with a chiselled jaw, but maybe more of a coming in from the outside line, type of heartthrob," he said – tongue firmly in cheek.


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