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pyschoPEDIA feature for Cat In The Hat!

January 02, 2007
Cutting the Vices
A Collection of Hipsters’ New Year’s Resolutions

As we recover from another slew of New Year’s festivities, psychopedia asks this: Are resolutions for suckers, or a gallant attempt to make things right? What will—or won’t — you do in 2007? Witness the steely resolve from hipsters around the nation and compare and contrast. If you don’t have a resolution—or broke it already—feel free to borrow one from below:

Lincoln Mayne—artist and designer
“This year I will not allow my jeans to get any skinnier! I will wear another color other than black (which may very well be achieved in conjunction with black). I will also stop dating girls who are unemployed and half my age, or girls of my age who are unemployed, or any creative/artistic girl, period. I will not push in front of the elderly unless it is a fair move. And I will not get mad if I fail in this quest by February.”

Miranda Lee Richards (singer/songwriter) and husband Rick Parker (producer/engineer/composer; owner of Sandbox Studios in LA)
“I’m trying the Raw Food Diet for a while to join the 'revolution' I've been feeling left out of. People who try this way of eating swear by it, at least the ones who are a little insane to begin with—which is why I may qualify. Rick says his New Year’s resolution is to ‘Stress less and have more sex.’ Ha. I guess that one involves me.”

Fiona Byrne- Journalist, NME
“No working in my pajamas, no musicians, no comedians, no cokeheads, no compulsive liars, no cheaters, no models, no shots/hard liquor, no cigarettes (ok, fewer cigarettes). More self-control, more exercise (i.e., walking 10 blocks for coffee, more patience, more motivation, and a bona fide attempt to actually leave my apartment every day).”

The Werman Sisters: Owners of Valley
“On the list for ‘07: get some young, impressionable Lower East Side ladies in here and do some good for the community. Organize a mentoring program that teaches them how to deck out nails or learn what goes into running a retail business. Personally…I’m finally going to fulfill my dream of adopting a doggy and he’s gonna be with me in the shop all the time. Julia plans on taking time off away from the store—which will be a good thing…”

Tim Kent- Painter based in NY’s Chinatown
"I plan to wash under my fingernails more often, smoke less, drink less, have sex more and be more attentive to my friends and family….. then I’ll celebrate with a big party at the end of the year just to remind myself of what I was resolving to do in the first place."

Catonia Whalen- DJ and Director International Marketing, Virgin Records
“My New Year’s Resolution is to be more organized and to be healthier! I say this as I just dropped off some clothes I never wear at the Salvation Army, and I just had a slice of pizza with no cheese and on whole wheat bread. See, I started already!”

-Carrie Rosten

Author of Chloe Leiberman (Sometimes Wong)


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